Saturday, October 15, 2011

Since I fell For You

 "Since I Fell For Your" is one of most favorite songs. Hearing the crying in Lenny Welch's voice when he is left is so, well... cryable. Which I do tear up if not just out right cry. Just thinking hearing the song in my head makes want to start crying.

 "Since I Fell for You" was composed by influential jazz and New York blues pianist and bandleader, Buddy Johnson in 1945. The song was first recorded by his sister, American jazz and rhythm and blues vocalist, Ella Johnson.The biggest hit version of "Since I Fell For You" came in November of 1963 when it was sung by Lenny Welch. The song stayed in the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 months and peaked at # 4.


 When you give love 
And never get love
 You better let love depart
 And yet I know
 I can't get you out of my heart.

 Made me leave my happy home
 You took my love and now your gone
 Since I fell for you

 Brings such misery and pain
 I guess I'll never be the same
Since I fell for you

 Well it's too bad 
 And it's too sad
 But I'm in love with you

 You love me 
 Then you snub me
 But what can I do
 I'm still in love with you

 Well I 
 Guess I'll never see the light
 I get the blues most every night
 Since I fell for you

 Since I fell for you...

I've included a live performance by Lenny Welch of "Since I Fell For You"

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