Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Friday Photo Zuhair Murad

Pieces from  Beruit, Lebanon based Zuhair Murad 2012/2013 Fall/Winter collection:

Love the front of this wedding dress

Not too certain about the back of the wedding dress. Maybe it's the big flouncy lace at her waist that cascades down towards her butt that is throwing me off.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin

  ' The Lemon Song' is of course by Led Zeppelin and is on their 1969 album Led Zeppelin II. It was recorded in Hollywood, California at Mystic Studios while the band was on their second tour of America. 'The Lemon Song' was released October 22, 1969.

  With sexual innuendo laced through 'The Lemon Song' also featured some of Zeppelin's most blues influenced playing. 'Lemon' was practically recorded live in studio. There was no electrical devices used to create Robert Plant's vocal. It was made purely with Plant's voice and the acoustics of a 16x16 foot room with wooden walls in Mystic Studios.And of course with the heavily funk influenced complex bass performance of John Paul Jones.

  'The Lemon Song' was performed on Zeppelin's first three tours of the U.S. ( on the first tour as 'Killing Floor'), before it was dropped from their live line-up in late 1969. But the "squeeze my lemon" continued to be inserted in 'A Whole Lotta Love' medley and ad libbed elsewhere.

'The Lemon Song' borrows (maybe a little too heavily) from Howlin' Wolf's 'Killing Floor, which Led Zeppelin would often incorporate into their live set list during their first tour of America.For the second and third North American tours it evolved into 'The Lemon Song', with Robert Plant often improvising lyrics on stage.

  Other lyrics, notably "squeeze (my lemon) 'til the juice runs down my leg', can be traced back to Robert Johnson's song ' Travelling Riverside Blues' ( sometimes also called 'Mudbone' or Mud Bone'). It's also likely that Robert Johnson borrowed this song himself from another 1937 Arthur McKay song called 'She Squeezed My Lemon'. The song also borrowed from Albert King's 1966 song 'Cross-Cut Saw'.

On the early 1970's British re-release of Led Zeppelin II, does the label list 'The Lemon Song' as 'Killing Floor' as the third song and credited it to Chester Burnett (Howlin' Wolf's given name), while the liner notes list the song as 'The Lemon Song' and give Led Zeppelin credit. So, in December of 1972, Led Zeppelin was sued by Arc Music, owners of the publishing rights to Howlin' Wolf songs, for copyright infringement. The suit was settled out of court. Even though the terms of the settlement were not released, soon after Howlin' Wolf received a check from Arc Music for $45,123 and co-writing credit on further releases of the song.


I should have quit you baby, long time ago
I should have quit you baby long time ago
I wouldn't be here, my children down, on the killin' floor

I should have listened, baby, to my second mind
I should have listened, baby, to my second mind
Every time I go away and leave you, darling, you send me the blues way down the line.

Said, people worry I can't keep you satisfied.
Let me tell you baby, you ain't nothin' but a two-bit, no good jive.

Went to sleep last night, worked as hard as I can, Bring home my money, you take it, give it to another man.
I should quit you, baby, such along time ago. 
I wouldn't be here with all my troubles, on the killing floor.

Squeeze me baby, 'til the juice runs down my leg.
Squeeze me baby, 'til the juice runs down my leg.
The way you squeeze my lemon, I'm gonna fall right out of bed.

I'm going to leave my children right on this killing floor.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Fairies by William Allingham

  This is off the beaten path for this blog, but I found this poem in the book 'Irish Fairy & Folk Tales' by William Butler Yates called 'The Faeries' by Irish poet William Allingham. It is a beautifully sad  lyrical poem about the good wee people of Ireland ( must be nice or they can get a trifle nasty, according to what I have read so far). Anyway, I thought I would share it with you, I hope you enjoy it.

William Allingham 

 Up the airy mountain,
Down the rushy glen,
We daren't go a hunting
For fear of little men;
We folk, good folk
Trooping all together;
Green jacket, red cap, 
And white owl's feather!

Down along the rocky shore,
Some make their home,
They live on crispy pancakes
Of yellow tide- foam;

Some in the reeds
Of the black mountain lake,
With frogs for their watch - dogs,
All night awake.

HIgh on the hill
The old King sits;
He is now so old and gray
He nigh lost his wits.
With a bridge ogf white mist
Columbkill he crosses,
On his stately journeys
From Slieveleague to Rosses;
Or going up with music
On cold starry nights,
To sup with the Queen
Of the gay Northern Lights

They stole little Bridget
For seven long years;
When she game down again
Her friends were gone.
They took her lightly back,
Between the night and morrow,
They thought she was fast asleep,
But she was dead with sorrow.
They have kept her ever since
Deep within the lake,
On a bed of flag leaves,
Watching till she wakes.

By the craggy hill-side,
Through the mosses bare,
They have planted thorn-trees
For pleasure here and there.
If any man so daring
As dig them up in spite,
He shall find there sharpest thorns
In his bed at night.

Up the airy mountain,
Down the rushy glen,
We daren't go a hunting
For fear of little men;
Wee folk, good folk,
Trooping all together;
Green jacket, red cap,
And white owl's feather!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Friday Photo : Monarch Butterfly Dress from Luly Yang

  Luly Yang is a Seattle, Washington based couture designer who made this lovely Monarch Butterfly dress for her Metamorphosis collection. The dress is a silk taffeta corset with a multi-paneled ball skirt with red, black, orange and white colors following the pattern of a Monarch butterfly. The Monarch Butterfly dress is whimsical and made for anyone to wear.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fashion Friday Photo - Dior Resort 2012

  I know that it has been a while since I have posted a Friday Fashion Photo and I do apologize. Life happens as I'm sure you all know and sometimes a person can end up being more tired that normal. So even though it is Saturday night, and maybe for some of you Sunday, I would like to give you :  blue caftan from the Dior Resort Collection 2012.