Friday, September 20, 2013

Fashion Friday Photo #29

 Squeezing this post in quickly while it is still Friday where I live. I thought tonight I would do something simpler, but no less elegant, than what I usually seem to post. So to get ready for the cooler weather here in the Northern Hemisphere is some true pret-a-porter outfits, with camel, tan (sand) and cream being the main focus colors.With some leopard print being thrown in for some pizazz

  This first outfit is very close to something I enjoy wearing when the weather turns slightly cool. I have the jeans and I have a camel colored cape, does not tie, but I do not have the leopard print scarf.

  I'm not sorry to say this but no white after Labor Day, off-white is okay, and that means both shoes AND clothes, unless a camisole or something of that ilk under a sweater. Other than that I do like the leopard print hat and the cape is okay. Not a color I would choose unless it was a little darker. And the fringe boots...speechless.

  All I know about this next piece is that it is a Michael Korrs sweater with a faux fur neck warmer. I love the dark purple handbag.


  Cute sweater dress.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Rain Song ~ Led Zeppelin

 The second track from Houses of the Holy is The Rain Song. It had the working title Slush because of its easy listening mock orchestral arrangement. The ballad was released on March 28, 1973 after George Harrison, who was a fan, told John Bonham that Led Zeppelin never wrote ballads. In tribute to this the opening chords of The Rain Son is from the easily recognizable first line from George Harrison penned The Beatles song Something.

  The Rain Song is over seven minutes long. The song was originally constructed by Jimmy Page at his home in Plumpton, England because he had recently installed a Vista studio console that was partially made up from the Pye Mobile Studio that the group used at the 1970 Royal Albert Hall performance.

  Page brought the completed melody arrangement to Robert Plant, who then wrote some lyrics. Plant considers these lyrics to be the best that he has ever written. To get the orchestral effect to the song John Paul Jones used a mellotron, while Page played a Danelectro guitar.

  From late 1972 to 1977 Led Zeppelin immediately played The Rain Song right after The Song Remains the Same presenting the songs in the same chronological order as on the album. The setlist was organized in this manner because Page played his Gibson EDS-1275 double-necked guitar on both songs: the top, the 12-string neck, tuned to Standard tuning, for The Song Remains the Same, while using the alternate tuning Esus2 on the 6-string neck for the live performance of The Rain Song. This tuning is a step higher than what was used on the album, Dsus2 an "open page" alternative guitar tuning which required Plant to sing at a higher level.


This is the springtime of my loving - the second seasonI am to know
You are the sunlight in my growing- so little warmth I've felt before.
It isn't hard to feel me glowing - I watched the fire that grew so low.

It is the summer of my smiles - flee from me Keepers of the Gloom.
Speak to me only with your eyes. It is to you I give this tune.
Ain't so hard to recognize - These things are clear to all from time to time.

Talk Talk- I've felt the coldness of my winter
I never thought it would ever go. I curse the gloom that set upon us...
But that I love you so.

These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall
This is the wonder of devotion - I see the torch we all must hold.
This is the mystery of the quotient - a little rain must fall.

Tea for Tuesday #10 - Toselli Locomotive Coffe Maker, ca. 1864

  Yes I know this is Tea for Tuesday but I thought that this Toselli locomotive coffee maker, that I first saw on Retronaut.com, which is offline at the moment, is so pretty that I just could not blog about it.

  The locomotive coffee maker was made by the Italian architect, Jean Baptiste Toselli who was living in Paris in 1861 and took out a patent on a "cafetiere-locomotive". In 1864 he began to manufacture the "cafetiere-locomotive". For further reading: Locomotive Coffee Maker

  Hello everyone. I know that I have been away from this blog for a while now, over a month I believe, but there really is no excuse for me to give. Yes, real life has been rushing in and I have been trying to take care of my other blogs and being on Facebook and Twitter but what it really boils down to is that I have just been plain lazy. Well that and I haven't been in the most chattiest of moods of late. Mainly for me everything has almost been communicating in pictures.

  So please forgive me for my lax in posting on this blog.


P.S. I updated the pictures in the Sophia Loren post.