Friday, February 20, 2015

Fashion Friday #31 - Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Pret -a-Porter

It was not until I looked through my post did I realize that it has been almost a year since my last Fashion Friday post. All I ask for is your forgiveness. I know there is being late with something but this is ridiculous.

  Anyway,  I can't believe that this coming fall fashion collections are coming out when we are not even done with this winter, but they are. Ralph Lauren has shown his Autumn 2015 Pret-a-Porte collection and I, like real fashion critics, love the clothes. Then Ralph Lauren does not go over the top on the artistry of his clothes. In other words, his clothes don't go straight from the runway to a museum to be looked at Ralph Lauren's pieces go from the runway to the street or some gala. Granted most of us can not afford the straight to the street pieces let alone the gala pieces but they all look wearable.

  Some of his pieces look to have fur but there was a statement at the bottom of his New York show notes that read:

"Ralph Lauren has a long commitment to not use fur products in our apparel and accessories.
All fur-like pieces featured in the collection are constructed of shearling"

  Nice to know that is not fur. I used not to have a problem with fur wearing but I have out grown my fascination with fur and feel that it is okay to wear if it is part of your way of life i.e. Eskimos, Aleuts,etc. and native inhabitants of other countries close to the Arctic circle or in mountainous regions where it gets bitterly cold (no I do not mean the Northeast and Northern Central parts of the U.S. right now).

  Alright off of my soapbox now. So...without further ado I give to you some of Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 collection.

Silk crochet and fringe


  A friend said, roughly, when she saw this photo, she never would have thought of putting a Fedora borrowed from menswear with a lace dress, but on her it works. I love this white floral lace dress with the Fedora too.

To me this next outfit is 'Annie Hall' or Dianne Keaton taken up a notch.

This one kind of is 'Annie Hall'-ish as well.

Minus the shearling hat THIS is 'Annie Hall'

Socks with sandals? Really Mr. Lauren? Sorry love no dice from me on the footwear but the rest is okay.

If your flat on top great look but if your not...Nah...not a good look.

Almost looks like something is molting behind the model but it's just the jacket that was shown before this outfit.

The molting jacket/coat

Feel of the 1970's. I would so wear this if I didn't think I would either wash out or match it but then the white/off-white would be worse on me.

 The hat with this dress escapes me

Last one

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tea for Tuesday #15 - In the Pink

Pretty and delicate pink tea sets or tea sets that have pink in them and a piece of tea art work for this Tea for Tuesday. So please do sit and enjoy a cuppa or more.

Strawberry tea

William Henry Margetson - Afternoon Tea

Monday, January 19, 2015

MCQueen Monday #9 - Spring 2015 Ad Campaign Unveiled

  Released in Fashion Times  today is the Alexander McQueen spring campaign 2015. The images will run in the American and British Vogue, W and Interview magazines. They are also set to be on Alexander McQueen's website and social media pages.

  The campaign photo shoot was shot by British photographer David Sims, on location in a London studio, and with German model Karolyn Wolter wearing Sarah Burton's kimono-inspired wardrobe.

All photos are credited to David Sims and Alexander McQueen.

  There will probably be more images in the magazines and the company's website but for now we only have these two.

  I for one am not impressed with what I see but then again we are not talking about normal clothes. I am fine with Karolyn's androgynous look a la David Bowie, even with the bell bottoms. But for me there is something missing and I can not put a finger on it. There is no life to it. It's dead. Maybe that is the look they were going for but it has left me flat. Oh well, to each their own.

Another Little Note

Today I am feeling good. That is something to celebrate, I suppose. I am trying to write in my other blogs and to spend time to do more reading. Despite or in spite or however it is supposed to be worded I still feel like blah. Either that or laziness. Being out in the sun does help after I come in but not for long, unless I am in the kitchen/dining area because that is where the most windows are. Lights on in the house do not seem to work well for me but I do what I can...which is all we can do.

  I try to find inner peace to calm me and lift me out  of my anxiety in simple things. Like the blue jay that I sometimes hear in the morning squawking. I love its sound and try to find it either looking out the kitchen window while getting things done at the sink or when I go to feed the outside cats in the morning. I have yet to see it so I think the jay must be high up in the crepe myrtle where I can not see it.

  I also look at the sky and hope not to see not many clouds. I love the feathery white clouds against the blue sky, especially when it is not cold. There is just something peaceful and centering about the sky. Like it is a reminder that there are bigger things out there beyond the sky.

I looked straight up earlier this month and took this picture

 Then there is the night sky when the stars are not hidden by the clouds and the moon, when it is not new. I am trying to develop a like and appreciation of the new moon. I love being able to go out my front door on a clear night and look up and see Orion up there. He is my favorite, I guess because he is easy to see and recognize. I've tried looking for either the Big Dipper or Little Dipper but have never been able to find them. Anyway, I don't know quite what it is about the night sky that I love but I do love it.

  I know I am prattling on but surprisingly it has lifted my spirits a bit. Thank you for taking the time to read this simple and rambling post.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Little Note

  It has been a while since I have wrote something. o apologies. No excuses. Just the feeling of nothing to say or anything worthwhile to say. I really don't know what to say or really how to feel, except for the last few days i have been having the feeling of a case of the Blahs. "No man's Land" of feelings. There is something wrong but yet there is nothing wrong. I don't like this feeling mainly because it brings an unsettled feeling and not one of calmness. If it was a feeling of calm I would be fine but this feeling makes me wish I was either happy or sad. I'd rather be crying my eyes out or laughing. Better yet I'd rather be laughing so hard that I am crying.

  The real scary part of this feeling is that, in addition to my anti-depressants, I want to drink to help make it go away and that is sooooo not me. I can go years without taking a drink but for some reason I want to really drink and not my usual creme sherry or brown ale.  I have liked having my blended egg nog in the past but this is the second Christmas in a row where I think it would be too sweet. With whiskey, brandy and rum in the egg nog I don't know why I feel it would be sweet but I guess my taste buds are getting funny. Anyway, If all I drink is a small glass of sherry at night every once in  while I think I will be alright.

  Maybe if I write more things will straighten out.I don't know. I really have no one to talk to. Right now I feel more alone than I have in a very long time.

  Hope everyone  of you is doing good.

  Talk again sometime later.