Monday, October 10, 2011

Lockout # ...

  Okay I 've about had it with both sides of this freakin' mess. Sunday there was an offer of 50/50  revenue sharing and the players turned it down and of course the owners, the league, or whoever are saying "NOO we never made such an offer. Right now the players have 57% of guaranteed basketball related revenue under the current collective bargaining agreement. By the way, didn't Dwayne Wade have a hissy fit because Commissioner David Stern shook a finger at D-Wade last week? If D-Wade is that sensitive, no wonder the Heat lost in the finals. Heck, it was probably dumb luck they got as far as they did. Sorry I got sidetracked. Anyway... Know what? WHATEVER!!!!

The first two weeks of regular NBA season has just been canceled and this includes all the games played through November 24. There is just three weeks left before the start of the season and both met for 7 hours Monday and couldn't, but in my opinion it's more likely WOULDN'T, reach an agreement. But both sides they intend to remain in contact, WHOOP-DEE DO, but no more talks have been scheduled.  (What else is new?)

 With this lockout happening there is some worry that the NBA could alienate fans (Does p*ssing them off count? I'm already there if it does.), because the fans are the one's who sent the NBA revenue and television ratings soaring.According to the Deputy Commissioner, Adam Silver, the league would lose hundreds of millions of dollars, but the union executive says that players will lose an estimated  $350 million a month while the players are locked out.

 Now for the normal workers, that both sides don't give a rat's butt about, such as the ushers, parking lot attendants, restaurant employees ,concession stand workers, and othersall stand to either have their hours cut or laid off. A few teams have already cut there staffs and there could be more layoffs coming down the pipe.

So as usual the rich want to be richer, the richer want to be the richest and if they trample on the backs of normal working people, well... what do they care? Seems like A LOT have forgotten their roots.

This is the latest from ESPN:

Now for an emotional outburst via pictures:

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