Monday, February 18, 2013

Tea for Tuesday #5 -18th Century Chinese Tea Pot

Old Qing Dynasty (Qianlong 1711-1799) Copper Bottom Tea Pot.

     Qianlong Emperor (Emperor Chien-lung)

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Favorite Doctor

I have been enjoying PBS 'Shakespeare Uncovered' and the next to the last episode inspired me to write about my favorite Doctor. Now you may wonder "Doctor who?" Exactly! My favorite Doctor, Doctor Who that is, is David Tennant. He was presenting a segment of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' and that got me to thinking about why I like him.  I can not exactly pinpoint what it is that I like about him yes he is adorable or adorkable, if you like, with his disheveled hair and clothes at least in 'Shakespeare Uncovered',  but his acting is, I think mainly, for me at least, relaxing. His voice is calming and he does seem to be a bit  all over the place, physically, at times and at times whimsical and very intelligent and THAT to me is sexy. David Tennant is not a boring actor. 

Now he's not the first Doctor I have seen, that was Christopher Eccleston and I did like him but it was purely physical. Alright, maybe there was some mental stimulation but it was mainly physical. With David it's not really that physical admiration, even though he does seem to have a twinkle in his eyes at times, but mainly it is mental admiration.

I first became aware of David Tennant in 2005,when my local paper's television listing had 'Casanova' listed for PBS that Sunday night and mentioned that David was also making his debut as the Doctor the following Friday. So because 'Casanova' had Peter O'Toole playing the older Casanova I would give it a go and if I liked David Tennant then I would give 'Dr. Who' a try. Obviously, I liked 'Casanova' and David Tennant as him so I gave 'Doctor Who' a try and that was it, I was in love with David Tennant as the Doctor.