Friday, November 4, 2011

LSU vs Alambama

  If you're for the LSU Tigers I hope you get a kick out of this post. If you're rooting for 'Bama and get offended, that's life. You may also like ro read this post that I had done a few months back. It's entitled "Football Season" and the second paragraph deals with LSU and Alabama. http://mishasblue.blogspot.com/2011/08/football-season.html

   Okay the big game is Saturday and I know I am late putting things together for it but... so what! At least I'm not doing this on Sunday. So it's time to decorate:

Yes Nick, LSU is commin' for you. So you better run. Which if memory serves me correct, you're REALLY good at running... away. You know just like you did with the Miami Dolphins.

  Oh! You say you want to go get into some comfprtable clothes? Well, all right that's fine.

Hey Coach, are you SURE you want to wear THAT?  No? Good! Okay so you're going to go change your clothes again? No problem.

GOOD Lord, Nick go put some decent clothes on! Please! 

Whatever! I give up.

Yep that's about all your good for.

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