Monday, November 14, 2011

No NBA Season?

  You've heard of a woman scorned? I think the NBA Players Union and owners may feel a backlash of fans scorned.  It was announced earlier today that the Player's Union have rejected the latest offer by the owners, a 50-50 split, and decided to decertify so that they can sue the owners for antitrust violations. The owners were not expecting this, they thought that if the players did not accept this latest offer they would back them into a corner and offer the players a 47% cut but the players essentially said "That's what you think and screw you". To an extent I can see things from the players perspective but they had opportunities to accept different proposals and let people get back to work. But I don't look for it to happen and I feel that there will not be a NBA basketball season this year.

  ESPN talks about players have opportunities to play overseas in Europe, like Kobe Bryant. Now that's all well and good for Kobe Bryant.What about other players that do not have the marquee name? What are they supposed to do? Now I have heard of one working in Maryland, I believe it is, selling furniture. So what about other basketball players like him who don't make the big NBA money? Jobs are hard enough to come by for regular working people, are we supposed to step aside and let out of work NBA players have our jobs? Not all of them can be like Kris Humphries and marry a Kardashian and MAYBE have a chance at spousal support, because she'll be the one making an income, to see them through this mess. YES I said it, but how many of YOU have thought it?

  Some of you may have realized that I am a Dallas Mavericks fan, mainly because of Dirk Nowitzki because of work ethic the rest of the team has followed his lead and also have a good work ethic, but now they have the possibility of not getting their championship rings, having their championship banner raised in American Airlines Center and whatever other celebration may have been planned, if there's no season. So yes I think that they're being cheated and it won't be the same if they do get their rings next year.

 This being said here is a latest article from Sporting News:

NBA Players Reject Owners' Offer, Putting Season in Further Jeopardy  

 NBA players on Monday rejected the owners' latest contract offer, their union announced Monday afternoon.

  Players Association chief Billy Hunter said the union has served a notice of disclaimer of interest to commissioner David Stern and will file an antitrust suit against the league.

 "We've arrived at the conclusion that the collective bargaining has completely broken down. We've delivered a disclaimer of interest to the league", he said. "We've negotiated in good faith for over two years," he added. " The players just felt that they've given enough."

   The disclaimer of interest that the NBPA will cease to function as a union. Instead, it will act as a trade association, a move that allows players to take legal action against the league.

  Hunter said that disclaiming interest is a more expeditious process than decertification, which requires a vote of the membership. The players represented by attorneys Jeffery Kessler and David Boies - who represented the NFL players' lawsuit against that league last summer - will file suit against the league in a matter of days.

 Union president Derrick Fisher said that the decision to take this step was  unanimous among the dozen of players, with all 30 teams represented, who were at Monday's meeting in New york. Fisher added that players have been asked not to speak about the situation since it is now a legal matter.

 The legal maneuver makes the prospect of a 2011-2012 season even more dim.

But when asked if a season was still possible, Hunter responded, "If a settlement is reached with the lawyers leading the charge anything is possible. I guess the NBA could open the doors... and let the players play."
 Stranger things have happened but I'll believe it when I see it

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