Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

 Aileen Fisher

 Venison for stew and roasting,
 Oysters in the ashes toasting,
 Geese done to a turn,
Berries(dried) and wild grapes (seeded),
 Mixed with dough and gently kneaded.
 What a feast to earn! Indian corn in strange disguises,
 Ash cakes, hoe cakes (many sizes),
Kernels roasted brown...
After months of frugal living
What a welcome first Thanksgiving
 There in Plymouth town. 

 Emily Dickinson

 One day is there of the series
 Termed Thanksgiving Day,
 Celebrated part at table,
 Part in memory.

 Neither patriarch or pussy,
 I dissect the play;
Seem it, to my hooded thinking, 
 Reflex holidy.

 Had there been no sharp subtraction,
 From the early sum,
 Not an acre or a caption,
 Where was once a room.

 Not a mention, whose small pebble,
 Wrinkled any bay, --
 Unto such, were such assembly,
 'T were Thanksgiving day.



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