Monday, August 22, 2011

Football Season

In 13 days , September 3,2011, that magnificent thing called college football starts. Yes there are some clouds hanging over it before the season begins: Ohio State is awaiting a decision from the NCAA on ethics violations and hoping that the university's self-imposed punishment of vacating all of their 2010 wins will be enough, we shall see; now we have the University of Miami and their scandal, which makes Ohio State's scandal priggish by comparison, prostitutes, money, bounties on opposing players, jewelry and more.They may face the NCAA death penalty which is a suspension of an entire football season. If it wasn't for this scandal would anybody even care about the university of Miami? then there is L.S.U. and there problem that happened Friday night, a bar fight that a few players may have been involved in because the players have lawyered up and have postponed talking to the police until Tuesday.

  Now with that being said I am still looking forward to this college football season. Nothing says college football like shorter days, 105 degree heat index and hoping to set off a Richter scale with all the noise coming from the football stadium. Setting off the Richter scale was done in 1988 at L.S.U. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthquake_Game. We in the South, for the most part, LOVE our football games and going tailgating. I mean where else can you make friends with your enemies? Unless your name happens to be Nick Saban who is coaching against L.S.U. and who also happens to also be a lying coward. Yes some of us are still royally ticked off at him for taking the head coaching job in Alabama. That sorry sucker knew better than to take a job with one of the main rivals of L.S.U. it's an unwritten rule. Telling the world that "No I'm not interested in the coaching job in Alabama. I'm happy coaching the Miami Dolphins", then the next thing you know he's half way out of the state and on the phone with Dolphins officials telling them he had taken the job as head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. But L.S.U. has Les "the Mad Hatter" Miles and they're doing good, inspite of and despite of Jordan Jefferson. To me and some others I know, he is so overrated it's ridiculous. But hopefully L.S.U. will have a good season this year. They just need to get this mess with the bar fight taken care of and I don't mean having the police cover it up either.

Okay, ANYWAY... I admit to not knowing to much about football like the scoring, I mean are they scoring 2 points or 6 points? And where in the blue blazes are those 6 points coming from anyway? Jiminy Cricket! Now I do know that a field goal is worth 2 points and that sometimes a touchdown is worth 2 points and sometimes it's worth 6 points and that the teams have 4 tries to get the ball down the field to score. I guess that is pretty much a football game but I like to watch them knock the tar out of each other and make some nice catches.

  But then there are the fans and  a fair amount of fans will be there on Friday evening after work and school with their motorhomes tailgating for Saturday's game. They will get out their portable grills, camping stoves, beer coolers etc. and invite the neighbors over, even if they happen to be the opposing teams fans, and cook, drink and be merry. At least in the SEC (Southeastern Conference) that is what is done.I would like to imagine that other football conferences do the same thing. But then  as the saying goes: In the East football is a cultural exercise, in the Midwest  it's cannibalism,  in the West it is a tourist attraction, but in the South football is a religion and every Saturday is it's Holy Day.Plus I recently heard that the late great Alabama coach, Paul"Bear" Bryant could then be considered it's pope. Never heard that before but I can go with it.

Too bad the coaches don't dress and act like Bear Bryant did. Seems that they have become commercial sell outs, but that just maybe the nature of the beast.

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