Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fashion Friday Photo Hollywood Dreams Bridal

  With what was starting with a picture of a red wedding dress has become another lengthy fashion post. I stumbled across the dress while trying to figure out what kind of Friday Fashion Photo to post and discovered Hollywood Dreams Bridal of the United Kingdom.

  Hollywood Dreams has Marina Adamou, who was educated in London began her love for designing wedding gowns over 30 years ago. With inspiration from old Hollywood, she created what was to become the trademark romantic look.

  Marie West became a member of Hollywood Dreams 16 years ago, as Marina's design assistant. It was Maria's intensity for art & jewelery & Marina's love of Hollywood glamor that made Hollywood Dreams what it is today.

This is the dress that got me started

'Theodora' dress in white

Red 'Theodora'

Mercedes by Hollywood Dreams

'Lucia' 2012



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