Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Met Costume Institue Gala 2012

  What is known as the 'Oscars of the East Cost', the Costume Institute Gala aka the Met Ball, was held on May 7, 2012. The reason for this fee is to celebrate the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's exhibit at the Costume Institute. Celebrities come to the red-carpet event dressed to impress each other and their fans that will see their photos online and in magazines. And some really fall flat on their face on trying to make a good fashion impression.

Sarah Jessica Parker, where the Hell do I start with her? I have heard her dress referred to from wallpaper to a bedspread to drapes, but personally I think she is wearing a granny nightgown minus the ruffles at the cuffs and neck. This one I am tying for my #1 Falling Flat on Your Face Fashion Award.

Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton. I don't know maybe in another color or to be more precise ANY  color would do. I mean, this poor child is so pale as is her dress that it just washes her out. I feel like she is afraid of color.

Tebowmania has hit the Gala. Tim Looks very dashing in his tux.

Another Granny Fashion Alert! This time it is Mary Kate Olsen. She looks like she is in mourning from the Edwardian Era. Except they dressed better, even the lower-class. No! I KNOW! Mary Kate is a fan of Downton Abbey and she is paying homage to O'Brien. Or is that an insult to O'Brien? Mary Kate is tied with Sarah Jessica Parker for #1 Fall Flat on Your Face Fashion Award.

Beyonce is wearing a black lace with a purple feather train Givenchy gown. I'm not all too certain about the gown. I don't know if it's a bit too sheer for my taste or that the train reminds me of a feather duster. I can't hate it but I'm not that particularly fond of it. Sorry but I'm giving it a 2/3 Fall Flat on Your Face Fashion  Award. I hate doing that.

The back view of Beyonce's dress. Obviously.

Ah, the happy couple, Justin Timberlake with his fiancee, Jessica Biel. Jessica is wearing a lovely Prada dress that, unfortunately, seems to say late afternoon not night. But i do like it. Her hair looks like she held a ruler to her forehead and cut her own bangs. Unless Jessica is auditioning for a Chrissie Hynde biopic... no... can't like it. I don't see how she can even see where she is walking with those bangs. Now Justin is wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo.And what can be said about that? It's a tux.

Elizabeth Banks in a hideous creation by Mary Kantrantzou. It looks like it was made at the very last possible second with whatever fabric scraps were leftover because somebody forgot to buy enough fabric bolts to make a descent dress. Plus the side view of Elizabeth makes her look like she just replaced Jessica Simpson as the longest pregnant woman in America. Yep, this wreck is also now tied with Sarah Jessica and Mary Kate for #1 Fall Flat on Your Face Fashion Award.

Holy Crap! Jessica Alba shows how to do it right. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Stunning. Classy. Jessica is wear this wonderful gold pleated number from Michael Kors.  Definately a Goddess Award winner.

Scotsman Gerard Butler looking tamed in this Alexander McQueen tux. A good combination one of my favorite designers and one of my favourite actors to drool over. Yummy.

Model Karli Kloss and designer Jason Wu. Sad, she 6'1" and still has to wear heels to get close to my height. So this is going to be called " The Long and the Short of It' or maybe just 'Mutt & Jeff'.

Emma Stone looks precious and lovely in her thin strapped red Lavin dress. And if you will notice in the background, Kristen Wiig seems to be wearing the grown up version of Emma's dress.

Here's Kristen Wiig in a 1950's inspired Stella McCartney dress. I hate her shoes. They look like they are made from material that is used to make canvas boat shoes. And maybe her hair should've been put in a soft updo.

Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen. Overall I like the dress, feathers and all, but I think it would have been better with a thinner sleeve or maybe strapless.

 Florence + the Machine's Florence Welch showed up in another Alexander McQueen number and I'm not feeling it. I swear she looks like a flocked Christmas tree. Hate doing this to her because I like her music but, Florence also is a dubious winner of the Fall Flat on Your Face Fashion Award.

January Jones is offering a sunny alternative to Florence Welch's fiasco in this beautiful yellow Versace gown with Cartier jewelry. Stunning! Goddess Award.

Amy Adams wows us with her one-shoulder cream Giambattista Valli gown with a gold belt that helps showoff her waist. Goddess Award.

Coco Rocha, here is your Fall Flat on Your Face Fashion Award.I don't care if it is a vintage Givenchy outfit that was once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Maybe it looked better on Dame Elizabeth or maybe it's that gaudy pink top that seems more appropriate for a tutu. Yes it IS the pink top it's so loud that it takes away from the outfit, I mean that is all I see is the pink top and hair. Forgot about the hair, that's not good thing either.

Scarlett Johansson in a lovely Dolce & Gabbana.

Gwyneth Paltrow, in her silver metallic Prada dress that looks like a glorified apron, is a winner of the Fall Flat on Your Fashion Face Award. Now her husband Chris Martin may enjoy this dress when they are alone because that is all about it is good for.

Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, wears a Prada gown with a lobster motif and a fur capelet. To me the only place for a lobster is on a plate with lemon butter on the side. I am going to give her a Goddess Award just for banning Kim Kardashian from the Met Gala. This fete is for A-listers only and Miss Wintour knows this and kept it classy.

Speaking of classy, Rihanna looks VERY classy in her Tom Ford gown. A marked improvement over her Saturday Night Live appearance. Goddess Award.

For us 'Downton Abbey' fans Michelle Dockery ( Lady Mary Crawley) and Laura Carmichael ( Lady Edith Crawley) graced the red carpet.

Michelle is wearing a stunning black dress with a gold corset and long black opera gloves would have looked better than the short ones for a funeral. But, hey she wore gloves. Wonder if she borrowed them from the set?

Laura, Laura, Laura. Are you really wearing leggings under that dress? Tsk. Tsk. She could have done so much better if the dress was fitted to her her body. Someone online said that she looks like Meryl Streep's daughter, that 's because Laura raided Meryl's closet.

Brook Shield and her date, a cane walk the red carpet May 7 in a J. Mendel gown and a torn meniscus. Ouch! She apparently did that while performing on Broadway in The Addams Family.

 Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, at the Gala. All I can say is that Alexis Carrington wants her dress back. Or was that Crystal Carrington? Anyway, give the dress back to the 1980's, Melania. That was not a good fashion decade.

Heidi Klum in her gun metal grey Escada mini dress with a sheer lace overlay. But the Lorraine Schwartz choker is too much. Heidi should have kept her jewelry simple.

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