Thursday, September 29, 2011

More NBA Lockout

Okay folks, I think we  all know what is going on or should I say what is NOT going on in the NBA. There are no training camps and the 43 game preseason has been canceled and NOW... Commissioner David Stern is threatening to cancel the NBA season entirely, but the player's union is saying that is just a negotiating ploy. The meeting between the players and owners yesterday, Wednesday, was only the second or third time  both sides have met and Stern comes out with this crap! If all sides really cared about the people who work behind the scenes vendors, ticket,sellers janitorial and those that have businesses that depend on the games to bring in customers i.e. fans, and us fans then they would get their sorry butts in gear and reach a deal. But no  guess  that is asking too much.

 If there is no season here how many players are going to go overseas and play? Including those that are from overseas. I mean this whole thing is so screwed up I don't know what to think but this... Fans, low level players and support personal are getting screwed, while the others are bitching and moaning about this and that. They all just need to go sit on a picket fence and see how it feels to be a normal person again because they have all gotten to big for their britches and also need to be led down the middle of the road by their earlobes.

 I tried to think of and be intelligent about this post but I've had with them and yet if there is a season I'll be happy about it.

  Quick add on not all NBA players are coming off as spoiled, I think I heard something about Kobe is said to be offering players that don't make much money  a loan? I can't quite recall  but I keep thinking I did hear that and now Delonte West, who played for the Boston Celtics last season, is now working at a Regency Furniture Showroom and that is because he is an unsigned and an unrestricted free agent, so he went and got himself a normal job. Good for him!

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