Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have been on a shopping spree or two of late. Not for clothes as tall as I am THAT is a depressing undertaking. No I am talking about books and CD's. In the last month I have gotten CD's ranging from Janis Joplin to Jim Croce. With Earth, Wind & Fire and Aerosmith thrown in for variety, for a total of 8 CD's.As for books I got the "The Seduction of the Crimson Rose" by Lauren Willing &Walter Mosley's "Fear of the Dark" a couple of weeks ago and now more are on the way. Last night I got four more books from Barnes & Noble: "Russian Winter"; " Brava, Valentine"; "And Only To Deceive"; and finally " The Silent Governess". So they will be in sometime this coming week.I'm so excited I can hardly wait. These seem to be my weaknesses and if I haven't run out of room for them all ready I soon will. But that is O.K. I will find some room for them...eventually.

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