Monday, June 13, 2011


Eat dirt LeBron! The Dallas Mavericks to be precise & Dirk Nowitzki's to be exact! Oh now tell me y'all did not expect ME to be polite about the win. Okay for the most part I will be. But first, here is the great Bill Russsell presenting Dirk Nowitzki with his MVP trophy:

  Do you think that will ever happen to LeBron? We'll see. I do feel a little sorry for Dwayne Wade because he thought he was going to get some help for when he falters at this level but, unlike Dirk who gets help when he falters, he did not. I'm still trying to figure out the whole Chris Bosh scenario because I do not see him as a star in the NBA. I mean he does seem to be a pretty good player that can help if possible but he or more likely his status as a superstar player,  in the League, is a head-scratcher. Not trying to be preachy here but there is a passage from Proverbs about pride and that is more than likely the Heats problem, especially since last summer: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Over inflated ego, too much self importance is more than likely what made the Miami Heat shoot themselves in the foot. Even though Dwayne Wade scored 159 points, Chris Bosh scored 111 & LeBron James scored 107.
  Now for my DALLAS MAVERICKS and our MVP Dirk Nowitzki & company. Dirk scored a Finals total of 156 points, Jason Kidd had 46 points, Shawn Marion had 82 pints & JET, Jason Terry had 108. I call it 4th Quarter Magic for this is when the Mavs came alive and made heart patients worry if they would survive the games. This was done in spite of injury and illness. No excuse or woe is me I'm hurt I need to be babied. Which leads to the opinion and seemingly fact, that TEAMS win championships not individuals.
          So with that I am a very happy person.


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