Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

  On an innocent and fun filled night of movie going, to see the 'Dark Knight Rise' everyone's world got turned upside  down and a new reality was given that nobody could  ever dream of or want.  A creature, for whatever reason and only in its mind is there a reason, decided to use tear gas and four guns to bring Hell on Earth to Aurora, Colorado. The few minute of terror left 58 wounded and 12 dead, with some of the dead being considered missing by their families because they have yet received conformation from authorities on who all the victims are. As of this early morning the missing are :

 Matt Quinn, originally from Ohio, who went to the movies with his girlfriend, who took a bullet to the leg and is believed to be in fair condition, according to the Denver Post.

17 year old named Abdullah is missing according to his mother, Rosemary Ratcliff.

John Larimer, originally from Illinois, is with the U.S. Navy and is stationed in Aurora, his Dad told the Chicago Sun-Times. Scott Larimer, John's father, says that the family has been calling for 15 hours. Quote " We cannot get any help from the military, the police, the hospitals, the Red Cross...We cannot get a single answer if he is alive or dead...We are more than  frantic."


  There questions that need to be answered, but will they ever truly be answered?With the evil that permeated the town of Aurora, I'm sorry but I don't think so. And I don't even see how we will ever wrap our heads around the cowardly shooting.

But what I can do, and I hope my readers will agree, is offer love,prayers,hugs through cyperspace and my own tears, to the victims, survivors, their families and friends, the town of Aurora, Colorado and the state of Colorado. 


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