Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My sweetest Floppsie,

  Three years ago this month you came not only into the world but my life and today you left both.The lymphoma seemed to have come out of no where and I hope you didn't suffer too bad. I did try to make it better with medicine, but I wasn't told that you could have had cancer I was told it could have possibly been you heart.But with the xrays today showing the fluid build up in your lungs and abdomen with only small pockets of air,removing the fluid wold only prove to be therapeutic and not a cure.I knew what had to be done even though I didn't want to, so my Floppsie Oppsie Doopsie Woopsie Poopsie Kitty Baby Boy I let you go where you can breathe clearly for the first time in a while, enjoy the sunlight and finally get to chase birds and smell the flowers.

 My baby boy, you may have been one of many but I love you as if you were my only one. With your cute Jimmy Durante nose and big ears you were my eternal lap kitty, always looking for a snuggle and whatever I may be trying to eat you thought it should be all yours. I will always love you and wish that you were here with me. You are a good boy and thank you for letting me be your mama.

I Will Love You Forever,


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