Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Friday Photo - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

 I decide that today's would be Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, nee Middleton, in a red Alexander McQueen dress set that she wore to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant Flotilla on June 2,2012. Yes, I know two other people have worn the dress, one won't be mentioned because she stuck her rump in the air and made a fortune and the other one, Tulisa, I have never heard of. That silver pair of shoes that the one who shall remain nameless wore is not good. If Tulisa had worn a solid or a peep toe black leather pump instead of looking like she had black spiders on her feet, she would have looked better. But with that being said, Kate outshined them by unmeasurable fathoms. She looked quite stunning in the red Alexander McQueen design and nude coloured shoes. BRAVO!

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