Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The brown paper bags that Saints fans used of war because of a losing season need to be brought back because of the utter shame General Manager Mickey Loomis has brought to the Saints. He has made it embarrassing to be a New Orleans Saints fan. First, there is the bounty scandal, which to an extent I have no problem with because the hits were legal, I just hate that they took out the likes of Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning. Now what WAS surprising is that New Orleans didn't call for heads to roll when it was found out that Peyton was taken out by a legal hit, because he is from New Orleans and essentially, blood - as in family. That's the only one that I have an issue with but what really gets my goat is that Sean Payton tried to cover up what was already a well known fact. IDIOT! This resulted in the Saints losing Head Coach Sean Payton for the year ( even though there has/had been a push from Saint fans to have his suspension reduced, if not just done away with all together), Assistant Coach Joe Vitt is gone for 6 games and Mickey Loomis got an 8 game suspension. Then there is a franchise-tag slapped on Drew Brees and there is still NO contract. And NOW Mickey Loomis is being accused by ESPN of listening in on opposing coaches plays and the Feds and Louisiana State police are investigating. Lord, what did we do to deserve this ? I mean really, who the blue blazes has it in for the New Orleans Saints ? Was somebody fired and didn't particularly like that idea so they decided to bring the Saints down with them? Or is Mickey Loomis that stupid? This all so.. ARGH!!...ridiculous.

The 'Aints are back

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