Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello everyone, I thought I would let you know that I am working on my next Led Zeppelin post, which is "Stairway to Heaven", but life is making it slow going, but I am doing pretty good getting it done. It's just that sometimes after a long day, like yesterday,  I just didn't feel like doing much writing and of course having a cat homesteading on my lap, like right now, doesn't help much. But I dope hope to finish it whether my homesteading Floppsie likes it or not. I say that but he may not give me much choice because he seems to think I am disturbing him now... wait I think he has relaxed again. Yes he has, good.

  Also,I thought I would just give you a head up on the lack of an NBA lockout post. The reason why I haven't done a post about the NBA lockout being over is because I don't trust the parties involved. I'm not looking for things to go wrong but December 9 is a week away and anything can happen.So if everything gets agreed upon then I will do a post about it, heck if things fall through before December 9 I'll still  probably have something to say about it, as well.

  Now I think I'll work on "Stairway to Heaven"...CRAP! I just remembered that I don't have my Led Zeppelin IV CD near and I don't want to look the lyrics up online. Guess I'll just have to disturb Floppsie and go get it and hope he settles back down again without a problem.

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