Thursday, April 14, 2011

NBA Playoffs

Well the NBA regular season finished up last night with 3 crucial games in the Western Conference. The San Antonio Spurs fell to the Phoenix Suns, 106-103: Los Angles Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings, 116-108: The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Milwaukee Bucks,110-106: and for me the most important game, the Dallas Mavericks won over the New Orleans Hornets, 121-89. This game was a dilemma for me, Dirk Nowitzki is one of  favorite players playing on one of my favorite teams and Chris Paul is one of my other favorite player playing for another favorite team. Well, at least in the Western Conference they're my favorite teams. With a game like last nights all I could ever wish for were for ties to be allowed, but as we all know they're not. With the Western Conference being my favorite I'm going to concentrate on them but maybe later I'll do the eastern Conference.                     
 Anyway, the rankings and match ups and the first rounds. are out: 
(1) San Antonio Spurs vs (8) Memphis Grizzlies Sunday 1pm TNT April 17th
(2) L.A. Lakers vs ( 7) N.O. Hornets Sunday 3:30 pm  ABC April 17th
(3)Dallas Mavericks vs (6) Portland Trailblazers Saturday 9:30 pm ESPN April 16th
(4)OKC Thunder vs (5) Denver Nuggets Sunday 9:30 pm  TNT April 17th


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