Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tea for Tuesday # 18 - Meryl Ruth Part 1 - Teapots

It has been within the last week that I have been on Pinterest that I have discovered Meryl Ruth and her teapots and teabags and have fallen in love with their quirkiness and cuteness. She has so many that I like that I have decided to break them down into two parts or installments. The first part is dedicated to her teapots and, hopefully I will not lapse in time, will do her teabags for part 2.

  Meryl Ruth is owner of  Porcelain Grace  as well as being an art teacher of ceramic arts and award winning artist with museum exhibits who also sells of her works.

  Here are a few of her tea pots.

Owl and the Pussycat teapot - 2010

Rocket Doggie Dog teapot - 2008

High Top Tea - 2008

Dysfunctional Par-Tea teapot -2013

Leather and Lace II, Ceramic teapot - 2008 (Makes me think of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley's song 'Leather and Lace' )

Sweet tea

Hanging Case Studies, Ceramic Hanging teapots -2014

 Fiddlesticks - 2013

Squeeze Me, Teas me  - 2009

Mel-Oh-Tea Us - 2011

I know I have been going crazy with the teapots but this is to be the last one.

Pest-Tea - 2010

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