Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tea for Tuesday #17 - Tea Time for St. Patrick

It is the day where green is the colour to beat. So for this year's St. Patrick's Day I thought it would be nice to have a tea time of tea served in green tea cups and maybe nibble on some green food. Do not worry my friends there is no green mold on the food.

First we must have a shamrock teapot or two.

 Beleek tea set from Ireland is appropriate to have on this day.

Now let us pour ourselves a nice cuppa and relax.


Of course cucumber sandwiches seem to be a must. These are Chive Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches. Courtesy of The Chef in My Head blog.

There is also some matcha shortbread cookies that is courtesy of The Dirty Kitchen

An offering of a slice of Irish tea bread

Then there is also Irish tea cake

Now I think we should have some more tae to wash everything down with a wee piece of chocolate truffle.

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