Monday, January 19, 2015

MCQueen Monday #9 - Spring 2015 Ad Campaign Unveiled

  Released in Fashion Times  today is the Alexander McQueen spring campaign 2015. The images will run in the American and British Vogue, W and Interview magazines. They are also set to be on Alexander McQueen's website and social media pages.

  The campaign photo shoot was shot by British photographer David Sims, on location in a London studio, and with German model Karolyn Wolter wearing Sarah Burton's kimono-inspired wardrobe.

All photos are credited to David Sims and Alexander McQueen.

  There will probably be more images in the magazines and the company's website but for now we only have these two.

  I for one am not impressed with what I see but then again we are not talking about normal clothes. I am fine with Karolyn's androgynous look a la David Bowie, even with the bell bottoms. But for me there is something missing and I can not put a finger on it. There is no life to it. It's dead. Maybe that is the look they were going for but it has left me flat. Oh well, to each their own.

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