Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fabulous Code Chart

I have been trying and trying to use a code that one timed worked on my PC to make hearts, suns and such, but had quit cooperating. So today I used my search engine using the code and came across a website that shows shorter codes than what I had originally found and at least so far on twitter it works like the last one did. The site is called  Keynote Support and it's page for codes ALT and HTML Code Chart for Special Characters. I love how the hearts and diamonds are under the title Dingbats and Other Shapes. I have a feeling that what I call a dingbat and what they call a dingbat are two different things, but that is okay because this dingbat will be more than happy to use there dingbat. ☺ ♥ And they work here too.

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