Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Friday Photo #27 - Summery

In honor of summer and hurricane season does start tomorrow, June 1, I thought I would do some hhopefully nice summer wear.

Starting with this pretty lace beach dress/ bathing suit cover-up.

From Elle Spain magazine

So sweet and elegant with just enough sexiness to it

This is from Lee Oliveira  site's On the street after Roberto Cavalli, Milan. Not a fan of yellow but this looks good on her and her hair looks like it hadn't seen a brush or comb in two weeks or she just left a wind tunnel. It's nice that her shoes and the tips of her hair match. Very LSU

I absolutely love this palazzo pants outfit

And this is cute too. The out fit that is. Just wondering about her legs may just be the picture

To finish ona similar note as I started, crochet back flounce crop top

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dolphin said...

Everything pretty<3 Thank you**