Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Horrible Than the Pelicans

  If you have been following, even in slight passing, the NBA and the New Orleans Hornets then you know that New Orleans is willing to give up the name 'Hornet'. Which in turns leaves them looking for a new team name. The one that first came out was the Pelicans, which is really lame and for three weeks it has been thought by some of us that was the name that the team was going to be stuck with forever. Today, however, news has come out that the New Orleans Hornets has, in fact, registered five trademarks for the new team name. The proposed team name is as follows: Lame and Lamer. Alright, just kidding, even though true. The real proposed names are:

 New Orleans Pelicans
 New Orleans Bullsharks
 New Orleans Rougarou
New Orleans Swamp Dogs 
New Orleans Mosquitoes 

  Now really...these choices are ridiculous. I mean come on get some names with balls. Something fearful, Mosquitoes just don't cut it. I'm from Louisiana and I have never heard of a Rougarou. Loup garou yes but not rougarou. I had to go and look it up and it turns out that loup garou and rougarou are one in the same thing...a werewolf. It just depends on where you live in Louisiana and what you call a werewolf. So to me that is just jumping on the werewolf craze bandwagon. Now if Joe Manganiello is the new mascot for the team I am for calling them the New Orleans Rougarou.

  As for Swamp Dogs and Bullsharks. Swamp Dogs are alligators and bullsharks have been found as far north as Alton, Illinois in 1937. So yes they can be scary but Louisiana and New Orleans do not have exclusive rights to the bull shark. 

  So what's in a name, apparently a lot if you are a fan of basketball and in particularly the New Orleans Hornets.

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