Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 Yes I know I'm relatively late with this subject matter but I really haven't felt like doing too much blogging of late. I have just been a bit worn out it seems. Anyway, the NFL seems close to ending their lockout. It is being said that if the players agree to the propositions on Wednesday and the owners agree to the propositions on Thursday, then everyone will be allowed to show up at the different teams NFL facilities and formal team practices can begin on Monday. So this marks day 125 or 126 of the NFL Lockout.

  Now for the NBA Lockout. This thing has been going on for about what, three weeks and already there are American players contemplating going overseas to play. Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets is going to Turkey to play, Amare Stoudemire has changed his mind and is said to be leaving his options open and Dwayne Wade is also a maybe. But right now the lockout is just too recent for American players to put too many plans into playing in Europe and possibly, China. Right now even foreign born players are taking a wait and see attitude with the lockout. Like the newest Maverick player  Rudy Fernandez , who recently turned down what is described by some as a  "historic offer" to play for Spain. I guess this means that some players actually do LOVE the game but the millions of dollars are a nice touch.

  With that being said here are the issues that are facing both sides:
  1. Salary Cap - This is the desire of the owners to bring the cost of players under control. With various descriptions of "hard", "soft" and "flex". The owners are adamant  about having a "hard" cap that teams can't exceed. As you can imagine the Player's Union wants no part of a "hard" cap. 
  2. Salary Cap Exceptions:  These are rules that let teams exceed the cap under certain circumstances. A new agreement could limit these, which would benefit the owners. Plus a new agreement could also bring a new exceptions such as a "franchise" tag on players.
  3. Split of Basketball Income: The players get 57% of the income right now. The owners want them to have less. 
  4. Revenue Sharing: The owners and players actually AGREE on increased revenue sharing among teams in order to make more teams profitable and competitive.
  5. Guaranteed  Contracts: Supposedly, owners favor a system that would let owners cut their losses on so-called "bad" contracts for players who are not playing as well as they should. A bad player in other words. This could mean shorter-termed contracts and less guaranteed money.
  6. Contraction: This simply means that there are teams who's heads are on the chopping block. This is supposed to enhance the league's bottom line and its on court product.   
  Now with that being said could there be damage done to the league to whatever gains have been made last season.  I read an article about how this maybe could happen. It also made a point about how this lockout could affect and is affecting the rookies, who can't play in the summer leagues because they have been canceled and the free agency, especially those who were not drafted on June 23, I believe it was. These two groups I feel sorry for because these are the ones that are going to have to go out there and EARN their jobs, not have it handed to them like Kyrie Irving. But if we get a season this year he could be a bust. I mean after all he only played 11 games.


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