Friday, July 8, 2011

  I hope everybody had a happy & safe Independence Day. I know I haven't done much posting lately but it seems to have been a case of having nothing to say and having 20 things I would want to say. Hopefully, I'm in the middle of the two cases, but right now I feel like I am leaning more on the side of not having much to say. But I will try and be a little chatty. Well now that could lead to me being a whole lot chatty.

  Any way,  I've been on a nostalgia trip of sorts. mainly remembering books that I have read or had read to me as a child and wondering if I was being to immature wanting to read them again. "Little Women" isn't all that bad and neither is it's sequel "Little Men". But I wonder if "Bayou Suzette" by Lois Lenski would be okay. I remember my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Heap,  would read this book and others by the same writer, to the class. One of the other books Mrs. Heap would read to us was "Strawberry Girl". This book was a little close to home for her because when and where she came from, strawberry growing and harvesting were, and I believe still are, the main source of income for the community. She said, and this was common through out all farming communities, that the children would get so many weeks off of school, well heck I guess you could say that the schools would shut down completely, to help bring in the strawberry harvest.

  Now that I think about it, I don't know if it's the books that I miss or her.  Both are really on my mind right now. Does this ever happen to you? Things or people that you haven't thought of in years are all of a sudden in your thoughts almost constantly. I hope she is all right.

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