Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you ever had a dream or part of a dream that has left you with an all day feeling of "what in the world".  I had that this morning just before I woke up. It was starting out good, it was a special program on PBS honoring Queen Elizabeth II. Had the normal pomp & circumstance that is to be expected until the end... oh my gosh the end. Well there was a stage set up with two white pianos that had red fabric draped across each. Elton John sat at the piano on the left & I never did see who was at the piano on the right, anyway, Elton is introduced with introduction of him performing Her Majesty's favorite song of his, "Daniel". That was the last sensible thing that happened because the next thing I knew the camera went to the top of the piano with Queen Elizabeth II standing on TOP of it. She was wearing the royal jewels, a lavender dress and a pair of orange & white stripe socks. I kid you not.Oh by the way, Prince Charles was standing on TOP of the other piano but he had shoes, no wait maybe he didn't have shoes on maybe just socks as well. They also looked like they did in the 1970' to the mid 1980's. Anyway, the next thing I knew "Daniel" has morphed into "Crocodile Rock", the queen is up on the piano shimmying & singing & steps had formed out of side of the piano & onto the stage to which Her Majesty regally as possible, she is still shimmying & singing coming down. She is on the stage the curtain closes behind her, the camera does a close up of Queen Elizabeth II & she is having such a ball you'd think Mad King George was back. I swear the whole thing turned into a Las Vegas Show from '70's in a heartbeat. Now that I think about Prince Charles may have been dancing on top of Liberace's piano. As crazy as this dream was anything was possible. Then I woke up & there ain't no more.

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