Monday, December 7, 2015

Pearl Harbor Day

  Blessed are those that faced this day west of Honolulu, Hawaii at the U.A. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Army Wheeler Field and Hickam Field (both now USAF - United States Air Force) . As Hawaii was being attacked there was almost simultaneous attacks on the American Territories of Guam, the Philippines, and Wake Island as well as the British Empire in Singapore, Malaya and Hong Kong. The attacks - from the landing of troops in Malaya to the attack at Pearl Harbor - took place in only a seven hour time frame. This was seen by the Imperial Japanese as  preemptive strikes to keep the American Pacific Fleet from interfering in the Empire of Japan's planned actions in southeast Asia against the territories of Britain, the United states and the Netherlands.

  So as we remember the Americans that died this day at Pearl Harbor let us not forget the lives that were killed from Guam to Malaya. Bless them and keep them all, no matter their religion.

Burning barracks at Hickam Field - December 7,1941

Japanese aerial photo of Pearl Harbor's Battleship Row - December 7, 1941

USS West Virginia
Destroyed F4F Wildcats on Wake Island, December 1941

Wheeler Field - December 7, 1941

Japanese Army in Kuala Lumpur during their advancement through Malaya

USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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