Monday, November 30, 2015

McQueen Monday #10

  Alright I am going to get right to it and dive in with the first picture. It  is in my favorite color...red. I like the dress and the waist cincher/corset that is with it but something needs to be done with the model's hair. I mean her hair is just BLAH. A store mannequin would have better hair that is if it had a head. I know she is young and has no say so on how she should look but whoever idea it was for this hair style needs to be slapped.

From Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2015

  Second outfit and let me see if I can be a little less critical. No I can't be less critical. I call her Mrs. Edward Scissorhands.

 Lovely dress, if you don't mind the pink pampas grass at the bottom and I don't, for Spring 2016. No qualms about the model.

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