Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Reissuing of Led Zeppelin's First 3 Allbums

  Mark June 6,2014 on your calendar for that is when the release of the first three Led Zeppelin albums will be reissued as remastered versions of Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III that will also contain previously unreleased bonus material. This will include:

October 1969 concert in Paris on their debut album.

 Led Zeppelin II will have alternate mixes or backing tracks for most of the album's songs plus an unreleased song 'La La'.

 Led Zeppelin III will have outtakes of seven of the songs on the album, as well as 'Jennings Farm Blues', 'Bathroom Sound' (an early version of 'Out on the Tiles') and a medley of blues classics 'Key to the Highway' and 'Trouble in Mind'. Unfortunately, 'Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?' the B-Side to 'The Immigrant Song' is not included in Led Zeppelin III bonus tracks.

 There will be several options for us, the buyers, to choose. For the minimalists there will be the normal single -CD reissues in cardboard sleeves and single-LP vinyl reissues with original covers replicated. 

  Now the deluxe editions will be either two CDs or two LPs and come with extras. Extras will also be available for those that want to download. And then there will be the ultimate super deluxe boxed set, that will include both the CD and vinyl versions, a download code for HD digital audio, a hard-bound photo book, high quality reproductions of the original album covers (first 30,000 will be numbered) and a replica of Led Zeppelin's first Atlantic Record press kit.

  I know what I am going to be saving my money for and may I please be forgiven for wanting to make what may be seen as a foolish purchase, but they don't understand.

  Information is courtesy of the New York Times. Click the darkened link to read the full article.

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