Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday Photo: Golden Globes 2013

This past Sunday, the 13th, was the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Awards. So here with some slightly snarky remarks and nicely said things and all will be deserved, about the  2013 Golden Globe Awards  fashion. I will say first, that there seemed to be an awful lot of drab colored, mixed in with some red and at least one aubergine, dresses worn. I don't know why but I am just having a terrible problem with the colors this year, for the most part they were just so friggin' boring.

Kelly Osbourne - Bust darts do not belong that high. They go under the bust not on top of the bust.

Miley Cyrus' hair is the only thing that bugs me. I guess it is supposed to look like she is wearing her hair as a bun on the top of her head.

Claire Danes arriving at the Golden Globes in a red Versace dress. It is a very nice dress, but I just have a problem with pleats on the bust...on any dress. It just bugs me to no end. I guess because it makes clothing look untidy. But yes, I do see it would mess up the bottom part of Claire's dress if the top part did not have pleats.

Biased as all get out towards Michelle Dockery, Lady Edith of Downton Abbey, wearing Alexandre Vauthier cream and gold brocade gown.

Until I scrolled all the way down I was in love with Tina Fey's dress by L'wren Scott and then it happened. The dress ends at the calf. No. No, no,no. The dress would look so much better if it was floor length.

Amy Adams was in a mermaid Marchesa dress. A part of me likes the dress and the other part of me, not so much. I think it's the color, or I should say, the lack thereof.Thank goodness for the red carpet or we may not have seen the dress at all because it is so pale.

Okay time for Jennifer Lawerence. What was going on with her bust? Are those supposed to be pockets to catch crumbs when she eats? Are are they faux pockets that are just there to irk us?And are her nipples showing through? Other than that I love her Dior dress.

Bradley Cooper, who kind of has this "I really don't want to do this but I will" look on his face. At least to me. Bradley wore a Tom Ford tuxedo.

Katherine McPhee looks like she has electrical tape covering her breast.The dress was done by Theory who needs to go back to the sketch pad until it can become a Fact.

Jessica Chastaine have you ever heard of saggy boobs? Because that is what your Calvin Klein dress is making you look like you have. But the dress is a lovely color.

Hayden Panettiere wore a Cavalli form fitting mermaid gown in what is said to be pink. The dress looks great on her because she is such a petite woman and it elongates her body, but the color. If it was just a shade darker it would be okay but no where near the Barbie pink clutch purse, which was a great accent piece I just don't want to see a blob of it.

I absolutely love Isla Fisher in her shimmering golden paillette Rema Acra dress. Luckily, it seems she left her gaudy piece of husband, Sacha Baron Cohen at home.

Adele in Burberry. She may not be a fashonista, but really how many of us truly are, but I love that she has her own style and doesn't give a rat's butt what anyone, outside of those close to her, thinks.

Zooey Deschanel has a tiny bit of a retro feel going with the big pearls which I love because pearls are my favorite. Her red Oscar del Renta dress looks as if it could do with a bit more steam to get the rest of the wrinkles out. Other than that I have no problem with her dress. Oh and there are NO darts or little flaps on her bust...Hallelujah! 

Meghan Fox in a Dolce & Gabbana lace dress. Love the detail of the lace but it's another Eh? dress with the lack of color. But then her dark hair does help it stand out a bit more than say...a blonde would. Plus she is slowly getting rid of her Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right forearm.

What was Sienna Miller thinking wearing this dress? Somebody's stylist needs to have their fashion license revoked.

Taylor Swift looking elegant in this aubergine, some would call plum, Donn Karan dress.

Lucy Liu's Carolina Herra ballgown floral pattern looks familiar to me but I'm just having trouble placing it. My favorite part about the dress is that it had pockets. I am a pocket person and on most dresses I wouldn't like them but on this one, I love.

Now from one Sherlock Holmes character to another. Oh Benny. Hi! Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch looking irresistible in a Spencer Hart suit. Love his eyes.

Love the Stella McCarthy tuxedo jacket style capri pant suit worn by Amy Poehler.

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