Sunday, February 19, 2012

New York Fashion Week 2012

 The fashion world seems to like fall and winter, especially NEXT fall and winter. I say this because New York Fashion Week just rapped up on February 16 and 2013 Spring/Summer is September 12-19. Paris has three fashion weeks scheduled starting with the Ready to Wear February 28 - March 7; Men's Fashion June 27 - July 1 and Haute Couture July 2 - 5.

  New York Fashion Week had a sad note, 95 year old socialite ( should someone be called a socialite past 25?) Zelda Kaplan who was dubbed "New York's oldest and most beloved night owl" died on February 15, 2012 after having collapsed at the runway show for Joanna Mastroianni at New York's Lincoln Center. Ruth Finley, publisher of the Fashion Calender said, " I was sitting next to her. She just flopped over in my lap. The show was starting. I thought she  fainted. Two men carried her out." Mrs. Kaplan was later pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital, cause of death is unknown. Here's an idea: She was 95, it's called old age and it was just her time. HELLO!

  There were trends everywhere on the runway but the top 10 trends are:

1. The white suit.Prabal Gurung, Alberta Ferretti, Phillip Lim and J. Mendel are some of the designers dressing people in white. So I guess the University of Louisville men's basketball coach, Rick Pitino is just wearing next falls trend. Well him and Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.Seersucker white suits is all I keep imagining. YUK!  Also I am old fashion when it comes to wearing white after Labor day and before Easter, unless it is a shirt that can be covered with  darker sweater or something along that line,only a heathen wears white after Labor Day and of course NEVER before Easter.

2. Fur, especially fur handbags. Dennis Basso has carmel coloured wraps and the orange or teal toned diamond pattern covers at Bibu Mohapatra leading the way. Designer Vivienne Tam also used fur in plum and camel shades. Plus Michael Kors, Basso and others also used fur to make handbags. As long as it is faux fur I don't have  a problem with using fur. I can even understand using real fur for trim and coats just not my thing, but reading about fur hanbags is just tacky sounding to me. That and when I think of fur handbags I think of the dog that won the Wesminster Kennel Club Dog Show :

Malachy, 2012 winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

 3. Navy and black. An underused but very chic pairing, when done right ( a difficult thing to do). Poenza Schouler and Prabal Gurung have their interpretations.

4. Cut-out shirts and dresses. I'm on the fence about cut-out shirts and dresses. If your ribcage can not be seen it's alright to wear such clothing. But to be able to play a human xylophone because their ribcages stick out so bad, no . And as thin as I am I know what ribcages look good and wht others look sickly.

5. The side bun if your hair is long enough. Beautiful!

6. Black. DUH!  What else is new?

Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2012 2013

7. Dragon scales. Armani Prive is the most notable. Vivieene Tam say that this trend is fitting, since this is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese New Year.

Armani Prive- No Thank You Reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon.

Not too awfully bad.

8. Anything Asian. From searing reds of Jean Paul Gaultier to reams of silk from Alexis Mabille at last months couture shows in Paris. Theia used angles,embroidery and cuts of dress to make a look that made it look like a combination from Imperial China, an army led by Ghengis Khan and Samauri soldiers was seen in New York last week.

Theia Fall/Winter 2012 2013. Beautiful

9. Silver scales. Theia and Jenny Packham Sounds fishy?

Jenny Packham Collection. Joan Crawford could have worn this style but maybe not the color.

10. Gowns that flare from the knee. Yes we are talking ballgowns which is not something one can wear to work but could be fun to pretend. 

Marchesa 2012 2013. I want to be buried in this dress! Take that back because I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Love it!

I know the reality and that is that most of us can not afford and probably wouldn't know where to wear  any of these clothes, speaking for myself, and pictures of them is as close as  we'll come. Sort of a fantasy if you will.

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