Monday, March 21, 2011

How can someone say that they are a person of he cloth and yet be arrogant and hateful?Today I had such an encounter. While waiting for someone in an office,a woman came in and started talking on the phone in a foreign language. Two women, who were already in a tizzy because the receptionist referred to them as "MRS." They were complaining loudly that everywhere else they go they are called either "Doctor" or "Archbishop". Anyway, one of them practically shouted that it's rude of a person to speak a foreign language, which is the person's native tongue,  and not English. This poor woman was so humiliated. Finally, the person I was with spoke up because of all of the complaining these two women were doing.and called them arrogant to their faces! They went on about the whole scene. Women saying that it took one of them 10 years and the other one11 years to go through divinty school instead of 4 and that they deserved more respect than most. Plus they're bragful ! My gosh! They went on to say that they don't have this "problem' when they go to the Mayor's office &the Governor's office. EXCUSE ME?! Also the women, the Archbishop mainly because the other one finally got that calling someone MRS. or MR. is just how things are done in this office, went on to say that an African-American calling someone Mr or Mrs.  is a holdover from Jim Crow Law. If I had thought about it at the time, I would have said no it's not that is just how BOTH whites and blacks are raised. But things eventually settled down a bit when the person I was waiting for came out. Of course everyone in the back heard the women and were also getting complaints about them from other clients. Plus they said they because Jesus did not get paid they wouldn't take a salary. BIG WHOOP.

  To me this is no way for anyone let alone a minister to act. They think not taking a salary is going to get them to Heaven? There are other things like kindness, tolerance and a gentle voice.

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